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Andrew Grossman: (Guitar & Vocals)

Andrew Grossman is a multitalented musician, singer and songwriter who plays guitar and provides lead vocals in The North Country. Andrew is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Physics. In 2010, Andrew recorded a solo album titled Misguided and Confused. After completion of the album, Andrew founded The North Country and released his solo album under the band's lable. The North Country currenty performs live versions of all the songs on Misguided and Confused in addition to several new orignal songs (also composed by Andrew) that are anticipated to be recorded sometime in 2011 for an upcoming album by The North Country. Andrew is heavily influenced by bands such as Radiohead, Bob Dylan, and The Talking Heads among others. 

Braden Dauer: (Violin) 

Braden Dauer started playing violin at a very early age, and grew up as friends with fellow memeber Shaun Dubick. Braden is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a Dual B.A. in Communication and Government and Politics. Braden’s playing has always been effortless, and he was consistently at the head of his class musically, and played in many all-regional orchestras throughout his high school years. Today, Braden brings his classical training and burning violin chops to a variety of projects, including the Bush Corner Band, Curbside Manner, The Rising Suns, and of course The North Country. In The North Country, Braden makes use of Delay and Phasing effects to produce a truly unique and original sound that other members of the band refer to as "space violin" because of the psychedelic, alien like sounds that he produces. His primary influences include: Incubus, Boyd Tinsley of Dave Matthews Band, Jean Luc Ponte, Muse, and Jimi Hendrix. 

Shaun Dubick: (Bass)

Shaun Dubick's interest in music began in middle school, when he and a few friends took popular rock songs and changed the words for a science presentation. He soon began guitar lessons, and has been playing music ever since. Shaun graduated from UMD College Park in the Spring of 2009 with a B.S. in Economics, and now works for the Center of Population Economics in Vienna, VA. Shaun also plays drums for the band Curbside Manner. Some of his influences include Green Day, Queen, The Police, Muse, Les Claypool, Streetlight Manifesto, and The Beatles.

Tarek Mohammed: (Drums)

Tarek Mohammed plays the drums in The North Country. Tarek is a highly accomplished percusionist who's outstanding skills have won him recoginition by famed artists such as DC Rapper Wale, who is set to record a new mixtape featuring a remix of a beat recorded by Tarek sometime in the near future. He also recently competed in a Drum Off competition sponsored by Guitar Center. Videos of his solo performanced can be seen on youtube. Outside of The North Country, Tarek is also a member of The Tryads

Hila Brod: (Vocals)

Hila Brod is brings vocal harmonies and stylish good looks to The North Country. She is currently studying vocal performance at Towson University in Maryland. Her confidence and outgoing personality really comes through in the music and her vocal contributions are the secret incredient that truely completes the band.